Fitness during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a new great page in your life that will change many things that you did before. From the moment the baby will be born u will be responsible for this new little but already person. You have 9 month to prepare yourself enjoying this time of your new life.

Some women as soon as they learn that they are pregnant, start to behave like they are ill. Pregnancy is not an illness! There are always exeptions but i'm speaking now about healthy normal pregnancy. So if you are healthy pregnant woman and your baby feels good you need to do some fitness. Forget about laying all the day on the couch and being too lazy, making excuses because of your state. Doing physical exercises will help you to feel better and to bring healthy and beautiful child to this world.

Fitness during pregnancy is not only healthy, but important to help woman to support this new state.


Here I list some of benefits:

  •  during making exercises you produce oxygen that is very important for you and your baby
  • if you choose specific exercise you can evidently reduce back pain that is common for pregnant state
  • you improve your digestion, metabolism
  • you alleviate the delivery( childbirth) because your heart and muscle are well trained
  • you reduce the possibility to put on weight and the varicose that is also very common for pregnancy
  • fast rehabilitation after delivery

Are these good reasons to start or to continue to do fitness during pregnancy? Then read my articles and keep fit :-)



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