Yoga or Pilates

All you need to know about yoga and Pilates is that they have differences and similarities that i will mention now:

-both of them are not made to lose weight fast

-its a body&mind kinds of fitness

- they are both oriented to strengthen the body and to make healthier the organism

- both of them involve deep muscle work

Let`s take in account nevertheless the difference between them.

Yoga is a comlex of knowledges about body and mind that  came to us from ancient times. If you choose yoga, you choose to work not only with your physical aspect but also with your mind. While doing asanas you need to be concentrated on the movements, their goal and to focus on breathing.

Pilates was created initially like a rehabilitation program for injured soldiers who came from war but now its a brilliant fitness program that is focused on deep muscle work, takes much attention on spine (vertebral column) and abdominal work. It helps to tone up the body, make it slimmer and healthier.

After explaining a little bit the focus of each, i let you make your choice :-)

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