Postponed dreams = gained weight

Most of us have dreams that we can fulfill in coming weeks and months but we postpone our dreams for the whole life! 

Just think about it: every big wish that you have has a place in your heart but because you have fears, doubts about it or think that you are not good enough for this wish come true, you postpone it and may be, if you are not brave enough one day to tell yourself that you deserve it to come true, it could stay just a dream and never ever be the reality.

Every big dream that you have should come true!

If the dream is not fulfilled, want you or not, it can stay in your body as an extra weight. So if you not fulfill your dreams, gained weight will remind you about it. This gained weight is nothing else as your doubts and fears that you have to make your dream come true. 

Think about it and go ahead to fulfill your dreams!


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