Eat or not to eat? This is the question

Eat or not to eat- this question is always actual.

Sometimes we are not really hungry but there is a desire "to have a snack". There are different reasons why we have it: we got used to have a feeling of full stomach, we are bored and this is the way "to amuse yourself", we have habit to eat something sweet or spicy and there is a lack of it etc

To ignore this feeling is also not a good idea so you can try first:

- to drink water instead of have a snack

- do 50 squats

-and 10-15-20... push ups

- accomplish small tasks that you planned to do for today (like washing dishes, do English etc)

- eat something light as an apple, banana or light salad without sauce

If all of this didnt work then have your snack as you wanted and as a conscience` sake to accomplish some tasks that are mentioned above :-)

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