Giving birth to a child it`s for sure a great event in woman`s life. This first acquaintance, first smile and many many beautiful moments.

But what about the body and mental state a woman have after such a long huge work? 9 month the body works in an extreme mode to support the new life inside. Its is said that woman carries the child inside 9 months and it needs another 9 months to get fit fully after.

What can you do to help your body to charge:

It`s important to divide natural birth and S Section

  •  at least 1 month forget about any fitness exercises (natural birth and 2 month for c section)
  • don't be exhausted with cleaning the house, cooking,washing etc.
  • Give yourself time to relax when its possible
  • sleep when baby sleeps
  • eat clean and enough to have an energy
  • check your health( gynecologist, dentist etc)
  • plan a massage once in a week at least(after 1 month of delivery)
  • don`t forget to care about your body ( skin care, body care( to prevent stretch marks )
  • at least once in a week leave your baby with father to enjoy your free time( to go shopping, manicure, to meet friends). Its important for your mental health.
  • don't forget about having time for your relationship with your partner ( leave the child with nanny or grandparents) to go to cinema or to organise a romantic evening just for two of you. These simple rules will help you to stay healthy and happy enjoying your new role of mother.


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