First day raw food challenge

To start something is always difficult especially if its food challenge. To change usual meal that you enjoy but its not healthy enough...hmm, for this you need a motivation!

My motivation for this "three days raw food challenge" is to detox the body, to do a small cleansing in order to restart a better faster metabolism.

After giving birth body needs to do a huge job of cleansing the organism, needs many vitamins in order to come in a normal prepartum state.

The raw food challenge is good for every HEALTHY person who decides to help his organism to keep fit and stay healthy or to unload it from toxines.


My first day challenge as a surprise was very easy for me. My meal for the whole day was:


-green salad with linseed oil

much water and a cup of orange juice



-small quantity of almonds

no food after 6.30 pm


RESULT after 1 day:

i was feeling a little bit hungry but not dizzy

-i had a good mood

- pleasant lightness in the stomach

-the process of cleansing is started




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