Difference between Yoga & Pilates

"One of the main differences between Yoga and Pilates is that yoga can be used to improve the flexibility of the body,

it will also gradually increase the flexibility of your joints,

while Pilates focuses on relaxing tense muscles and strengthening."


Difference#1: Origin

Yoga originated in South Asia thousands of years ago. It has spread into many different locations and evolved with many different cultures. Today, there are many different types of yoga.

Pilates relatively young type of fitness. It was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Its system was originally intended to help the wounded soldiers of war to get in shape. Now Pilates is used for strength and endurance development. In Pilates focus is on back and abdominal muscles together called core.


Difference#2: Goal

Yoga is a mental and physical work.

It teaches us to control not only our body but our own strengths and emotions, and to achieve a positive mind and pacification.

 Pilates is created to improve exclusively physical state.


Difference#3: Breath

Breath work in yoga is referred to in Sanskrit as pranayama. Breath is considered a source of energy and life that channels through your body. The goal of breath work is to cultivate and control this fundamental life force. In yoga class you breath mostly through the nose.

 Pilates breathing is used to feed the muscles with oxygen.

It is important be aware of the breath throughout the entire class—inhaling through the nose, and exhaling through the mouth.



Yoga develops flexibility.

Pilates strengthens the muscles