5 things to do to feel good again

After long day or long working week you feel exhausted, you don`t feel anymore balanced and relaxed.

Then these 5 advices will help you to come back to a blossoming state by taking care about yourself.


1) Take time for yourself by taking a magical bath with a colored bath salt,foam or some flowers, pieces of orange in it. Create your own magical bath!


2) Switch off your electronic devices for some time. It will make you feel free and relaxed.


3) Take a walk. In the city or even better in the nature. Look at ordinary things and building, streets, shops with a fresh view.


4) Seat and write down all your thoughts,emotions,hopes and dreams. It is some kind of therapy

that helps to change mind to a more successful thinking.


5) Take a time for soft yoga session. It will reconnect you with your body & mind, focus you on positive aspects.