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-Hatha Yoga

-Vinyasa Yoga

-Yin Yoga 

-Nidra Yoga

-Kids Yoga



-Kizomba dance


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Corona:Protection concept for the resumption of yoga & pilates classes:


* Respect of the rules of distance


* Participants are asked to come to the class already dressed.


* In the changing rooms, space is limited according to the number of people so that the distance rules can be respected.


* In each class, an attendance list is carried out.


* Participants disinfect their hands before and after the class.


 Particularly vulnerable persons


* Particularly vulnerable persons are requested to follow the prescriptions of the FOPH and to refrain from attending yoga classes.

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Personal Trainer | Bulle | Bern | Montreux | Yoga | Pilates

My name is Nadine Yenot and your well-being is my priority.


My offer:

  • Personal Training Yoga and Pilates
  • Yoga Workshops (Bulle)

If you want to learn to relax, lose weight, build muscles, reduce stress or simply feel better, then you are in the right place.

Personal Trainer | Bulle | Bern | Montreux | Yoga | Pilates


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Along with a successful life

Let yourself be surprised by my holistic concept. As I will help you strengthen your body along with your mind. I offer: Yoga, Pilates, Stretching and Kizomba Dance. Whether as your Personal Trainer or in Groups Course.

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Personal Trainer | Bulle | Bern | Montreux | Yoga | Pilates

Reka (Yoga, Pilates): «As I have taken part in many different pilates and Yoga classes in different countries, I can say from experience that Nadine is ... read more.

Why personal training?

With a personal trainer, you can achieve success faster. The personal trainer takes into account your needs and works with you accordingly. He will motivate you. You can freely choose the training time. The efficiency with a personal trainer is much higher than that of a normal training. Give it a shot!