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Third raw food day

Third raw food day was the most difficult.  My challenge was more difficult also because my baby did`nt give me time to sleep:( so I was a bit broken.

It was a day of the biggest challenge because i felt like eating some chocolate. I was dreaming about it!

Despite it i`ve git it! I finished with success:-)



-lemon water



-banana+strawberry smothie

-almonds( 100gr)

-apple juice

-green salad 



Feeling much lighter, cleaner and happier!

Also -1,9 kg- no so bad,ah?))



TO BE CONTINUED...New challenge is coming


Second raw food day

Second day I got up with light feeling in the stomach. Oh this amazing feeling! I felt light but sleepy.

As soon as I took my breakfast (lemon water then fruit smoothie) I was fully awake! 

My meal for today:

-lemon water


-green salad with walnuts

-banana strawberry smoothie

-orange juice

-2 apples

-avocado with cherry tomatoes and green salad

I really wanted to eat something sweet so I ate dates. A nice alternative ;-)


I didnt eat after 7pm



feeling a little bit sleepy and a huge desire to eat something "sweet".  Feeling my body enjoying new food)) its much more light and easy to digest.


First day raw food challenge

To start something is always difficult especially if its food challenge. To change usual meal that you enjoy but its not healthy enough...hmm, for this you need a motivation!

My motivation for this "three days raw food challenge" is to detox the body, to do a small cleansing in order to restart a better faster metabolism.

After giving birth body needs to do a huge job of cleansing the organism, needs many vitamins in order to come in a normal prepartum state.

The raw food challenge is good for every HEALTHY person who decides to help his organism to keep fit and stay healthy or to unload it from toxines.


My first day challenge as a surprise was very easy for me. My meal for the whole day was:


-green salad with linseed oil

much water and a cup of orange juice



-small quantity of almonds

no food after 6.30 pm


RESULT after 1 day:

i was feeling a little bit hungry but not dizzy

-i had a good mood

- pleasant lightness in the stomach

-the process of cleansing is started






Giving birth to a child it`s for sure a great event in woman`s life. This first acquaintance, first smile and many many beautiful moments.

But what about the body and mental state a woman have after such a long huge work? 9 month the body works in an extreme mode to support the new life inside. Its is said that woman carries the child inside 9 months and it needs another 9 months to get fit fully after.

What can you do to help your body to charge:

It`s important to divide natural birth and S Section

  •  at least 1 month forget about any fitness exercises (natural birth and 2 month for c section)
  • don't be exhausted with cleaning the house, cooking,washing etc.
  • Give yourself time to relax when its possible
  • sleep when baby sleeps
  • eat clean and enough to have an energy
  • check your health( gynecologist, dentist etc)
  • plan a massage once in a week at least(after 1 month of delivery)
  • don`t forget to care about your body ( skin care, body care( to prevent stretch marks )
  • at least once in a week leave your baby with father to enjoy your free time( to go shopping, manicure, to meet friends). Its important for your mental health.
  • don't forget about having time for your relationship with your partner ( leave the child with nanny or grandparents) to go to cinema or to organise a romantic evening just for two of you. These simple rules will help you to stay healthy and happy enjoying your new role of mother.



Eat or not to eat? This is the question

Eat or not to eat- this question is always actual.

Sometimes we are not really hungry but there is a desire "to have a snack". There are different reasons why we have it: we got used to have a feeling of full stomach, we are bored and this is the way "to amuse yourself", we have habit to eat something sweet or spicy and there is a lack of it etc

To ignore this feeling is also not a good idea so you can try first:

- to drink water instead of have a snack

- do 50 squats

-and 10-15-20... push ups

- accomplish small tasks that you planned to do for today (like washing dishes, do English etc)

- eat something light as an apple, banana or light salad without sauce

If all of this didnt work then have your snack as you wanted and as a conscience` sake to accomplish some tasks that are mentioned above :-)


Postponed dreams = gained weight

Most of us have dreams that we can fulfill in coming weeks and months but we postpone our dreams for the whole life! 

Just think about it: every big wish that you have has a place in your heart but because you have fears, doubts about it or think that you are not good enough for this wish come true, you postpone it and may be, if you are not brave enough one day to tell yourself that you deserve it to come true, it could stay just a dream and never ever be the reality.

Every big dream that you have should come true!

If the dream is not fulfilled, want you or not, it can stay in your body as an extra weight. So if you not fulfill your dreams, gained weight will remind you about it. This gained weight is nothing else as your doubts and fears that you have to make your dream come true. 

Think about it and go ahead to fulfill your dreams!



Yoga or Pilates

All you need to know about yoga and Pilates is that they have differences and similarities that i will mention now:

-both of them are not made to lose weight fast

-its a body&mind kinds of fitness

- they are both oriented to strengthen the body and to make healthier the organism

- both of them involve deep muscle work

Let`s take in account nevertheless the difference between them.

Yoga is a comlex of knowledges about body and mind that  came to us from ancient times. If you choose yoga, you choose to work not only with your physical aspect but also with your mind. While doing asanas you need to be concentrated on the movements, their goal and to focus on breathing.

Pilates was created initially like a rehabilitation program for injured soldiers who came from war but now its a brilliant fitness program that is focused on deep muscle work, takes much attention on spine (vertebral column) and abdominal work. It helps to tone up the body, make it slimmer and healthier.

After explaining a little bit the focus of each, i let you make your choice :-)


Фитнес и беременность

Беременность- это несомненно новая страница Вашей жизни. Прекрасная и захватывающая. Очень важный период перед тем как Вы станете мамой и почувствуете всю красоты этого состояния со всеми всеми плюсами и минусами. У Вас есть 9 месяцев, чтобы подготовиться к новой роли, при этом наслаждаясь этим временем и состоянием.

Существует масса плюсов от занятий фитнесом во время беременности. Вот некоторые из них:

-стабилизируется вес и вы не набираете лишних килограмм или не скидываете слишком много. Вы набираете вес только за счёт растущего малыша в вашем животе

- поддерживается тонус мышц живота и груди, что препятствует появлению растяжек
- укрепляются мышцы спины и это помогает в большей или меньшей степени устранить ноющую боль в пояснице
- фитнес- это прекрасное средство предотвращения варикозного расширения вен
-сам процесс родов у занимающихся фитнесом проходит легче и быстрее, а значит сводятся к минимуму возможность появления разрывов во время родов 
- из-за вырабатываемого во время занятий гормона эндорфина настроение всегда ровное, позитивное


Подытоживая, можно с уверенностью говорить о том, что фитнес для беременных не только приятен, но и полезен для души и тела!Важно только знать нюансы, которые стоит учитывать во время беременности. Итак, прежде всего нужно:

  • выяснить есть ли у вас противопоказания к фитнесу во время беременности на малом сроке/на большом сроке 
  • кардионагрузки по большей мере исключить( кроме прогулок на свежем воздухе)
  • узнать о специальных занятиях для беременных
  • определиться с разновидностью фитнеса, который Вам больше подходит и нравится
  • Надевать удобную одежду для занятий не сковывающую движений
  • помнить о цели занятий фитнесом во время беременности( не ради улучшения спортивной формы, а для поддержания себя в форме)
  • интенсивность занятий должна быть умеренной
  • учитывать уровень Bашей физической подготовки (занимались ли Вы ранее или решили приступить к занятиям только после наступления беременности
  • уметь хорошо расслабляться и использовать в занятиях позы расслабления

Знания этих нюансов значительно облегчит ваши занятия фитнесом во время беременности и сделают из не только полезными, но и приятными!



Fitness during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a new great page in your life that will change many things that you did before. From the moment the baby will be born u will be responsible for this new little but already person. You have 9 month to prepare yourself enjoying this time of your new life.

Some women as soon as they learn that they are pregnant, start to behave like they are ill. Pregnancy is not an illness! There are always exeptions but i'm speaking now about healthy normal pregnancy. So if you are healthy pregnant woman and your baby feels good you need to do some fitness. Forget about laying all the day on the couch and being too lazy, making excuses because of your state. Doing physical exercises will help you to feel better and to bring healthy and beautiful child to this world.

Fitness during pregnancy is not only healthy, but important to help woman to support this new state.


Here I list some of benefits:

  •  during making exercises you produce oxygen that is very important for you and your baby
  • if you choose specific exercise you can evidently reduce back pain that is common for pregnant state
  • you improve your digestion, metabolism
  • you alleviate the delivery( childbirth) because your heart and muscle are well trained
  • you reduce the possibility to put on weight and the varicose that is also very common for pregnancy
  • fast rehabilitation after delivery

Are these good reasons to start or to continue to do fitness during pregnancy? Then read my articles and keep fit :-)




time to relax

Today is a new day and you can change all to the better! Find time for it! Find time for nature, for relax, meditation, smiles, find time for yourself, to stay alone and rethink what u really want.


Сегодня новый день и ты можешь изменить все к лучшему! Найди на это время! Найди время на природу, на отдых, на медитацию,на улыбки, на себя, останься на время с самой собой и подумай о том, чего ты действительно хочешь!


Healthy and tasty green sald with olive oil


* green salad

* one table spoon lemon juice

* olive oil

* crashed walnuts to your taste

* cherry tomates

* spicery to your taste ( i like provencale)

Voilà! Enjoy your healthy meal!


Oils for beauty

Today I would like to pay attention on olive oil. Most of us know that its a healthy way to cook food and tomake it tasty.  Then it shouldnt be a secret that olive oil is also good for skin as a cosmetic prodecure. It hydrates perfectly the skin, make it smooth and shine. 

*Olive oil is good for eye skin care. Apply warm oil on skin for 15 min and then remove the rest with a wad of cotton wool.

**For pregnant women olive oil could be used as a hydrating creme against stretch marks.


Foot massage

There are many pleasant benefits of foot massage as stress relief,  relax muscles, massage for inner organs, improves circulation, help to avoid anxiety and depression, helps to reduce effects of swelling due to fluid retention in the feet and ankles, its has a big influence on physical and mental health, it makes you closer with your life partner (if he makes massage for you), it's for sure very good for your sex life.


All you need is good mood and care :-)

To feel good and to be cheerful woman needs care and good mood. What can bring good mood? Its foot massage! and if this massage is made by your close loving person it has double effect. So let's practice it. The details of foot massage you can read in the next article >>


Be cheerful in the morning!

The best way to start the morning is: to wake up, to do some fitness exercises in bed, to go to the shower and to drink the lemon water! You will feel much more energized! The mood will be tuned up for the best.

Have a nice day!


pregnancy is absolutely new state for woman.

Pregnancy is absolutely new state for woman. U feel almost all different. To be pregnant It's a big challenge for woman. Her mental and physical states are changing and that's why its very important for find a harmony inside. The best way should be go for a walk in the nature or to sit close to the river( sea). It brings inner calmness that influence in a very good way the mind and for the baby inside. 


Pregnancy. lifestyle

Hi there!

I'm a personal yoga and pilates trainer from Switzerland and I have got to know recently that Im pregnant.

From this moment my life has been changed in even more beautiful way. Now I'm responsible for new little sweet life in me! 

This is amazing and at the same time very responsible time for future mother. In order to keep fit, stay healthy and to do all the best for the baby to let him come in this world in a good health.

So I've decided to collect an important information for future moms to have possibility to give useful tips & tricks about health, fitness, nutrition, beauty. It will be only receipts proven by myself in order to give you the best. 

So I'm going to enjoy my pregnancy as much as possible and going to keep fit as a sportive future mom, healthy , beautiful and happy.

So let's start  :-)


10'000 Schritte täglich

Hier meine Tipps für heute:

  • Probier doch wieder mal neue Sportarten aus. Sei offen für Neues und melde dich, am besten zusammen mit einem Kollegen oder einer Kollegin, für einen Kurs oder einen Workshop an. Das bereichert dein Leben und gibt dir neue Inspiration.
  • Packe deine Trainingssachen am besten schon am Morgen ein und nimm diese gleich zur Arbeit mit. So kannst du direkt nach der Arbeit ins Training gehen.
  • Ein Tipp im digitalen Zeitalter: Fast jedes Smartphone hat Schrittzähler und Distanz-Messer. Verbringe deine Arbeitspause nicht in der Cafeteria oder vor dem Computer. Nein, gehe raus und mach einen Spaziergang. In zweimal 15 Minuten Pause und dann noch Treppe statt Lift benutzen kommen ziemlich viele Schritte, Meter und Stockwerke zusammen. Ziel: täglich 10'000 Schritte.

Viel Spass :-)


Yoga motivation!

Yoga begleitet mich durch den Tag - immer und überall. Für mich gibt es fast keinen Ort, wo ich mit Yoga nicht in mir ruhen kann. Mit Yoga kann ich vollständig Eintauchen in den Moment. Und das schenkt mir ein Gefühl der Geborgenheit und der Verbindung mit allem. Beginne auch du die Sprache des Yoga zu erlernen.

PS: Diese Übung auf der Treppe vor der Kathedrale in Solothurn ist nicht für Beginners ;-)



Let's start the beautiful day!

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