Beauty · 06. September 2018
What are your morning rituals? Do you have them at all? It is said that if you will be regular in your good habits and Rituals, you can have a well organized day with good mood and many things done with no stress and worries. It means your day is shaped by how you start your morning. This is the list of rituals that you can choose and integrate into your life to change it to the better. Choose few to start: - Gratitude for what you already have - Meditate the way you feel or just enjoy the...
Beauty · 22. June 2018
If you are exhausted and need to come back to a blossoming good state, this is for you!
Beauty · 13. September 2016
Today is a new day and you can change all to the better! Find time for it! Find time for nature, for relax, meditation, smiles, find time for yourself, to stay alone and rethink what u really want. -------------------------- Сегодня новый день и ты можешь изменить все к лучшему! Найди на это время! Найди время на природу, на отдых, на медитацию,на улыбки, на себя, останься на...
Beauty · 26. August 2016
Today I would like to pay attention on olive oil. Most of us know that its a healthy way to cook food and tomake it tasty. Then it shouldnt be a secret that olive oil is also good for skin as a cosmetic prodecure. It hydrates perfectly the skin, make it smooth and shine. *Olive oil is good for eye skin care. Apply warm oil on skin for 15 min and then remove the rest with a wad of cotton wool. **For pregnant women olive oil could be used as a hydrating creme against stretch marks.
Beauty · 11. August 2016
Pregnancy is absolutely new state for woman. U feel almost all different. To be pregnant It's a big challenge for woman. Her mental and physical states are changing and that's why its very important for find a harmony inside. The best way should be go for a walk in the nature or to sit close to the river( sea). It brings inner calmness that influence in a very good way the mind and for the baby inside.